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For those of you who are already planning the trip and might come before the conference, here you can also find the list of contacts to which you can refer for every single question.




Here are the contacts for every member that can help you for any problem...


Nome Cognome Telefono E-mail
Diego Regosa 3409617378 sandiokan@hotmail.com
Claudio Cadei 3491400273 claudio_cadei@yahoo.it
Alessandro Siclari 3339111338 alesiclari@yahoo.com
Filippo  Bertoni   lasagnicida@hotmail.com
Irene Capelli 3498116476 sirenji.irene@yahoo.it  
Serena Scarabello 3393572889 serena.scarabello@gmail.com
Daniele Curone 3287392797 daniele.curone@gmail.com
Rita Maralla 3475660627 ritaccia85@yahoo.it  
Jacopo Zanini      
Dalila Ingrande 3493812840 d_tupigana@katamail.com
Armando Ballerini 3207688523 ballesindaco@libero.it
Francesco Tommasi 3283734300 fr.tommasi@gmail.com
Bianca Maria Nardin 3482741984 acnaib87@hotmail.it  
Marica Nati 3477634598 maricanati@libero.it  
Alessio Razzolini 3400937292    
Silvio Francesco Cutrera 3393058069 vocindigene@gmail.com
Michele Bianchi 3299865246 michelebianchi87@virgilio.it
Samuele Mancini 3333444441 samuele.mancini@gmail.com
Carolina Vesce 3291683634 caro_v@libero.it  
Angelo Polvanesi 3402974113 polva86@gmail.com  
Romana De Micheli 3391497664 romidemi@gmail.com  
Anna De Mutiis 3480431700 demutiisanna@gmail.com
Maddalena Fossi 3393645763 la.madda@tiscali.it  
Martina Raso 3493663148    
Giacomo Puliti 3473190282 giacomu@gmail.com  
Antonio Todini 3294836251 willyilpeyote@yahoo.it
Samuel FuscĂ  3477137272 evinrudelus@yahoo.it  
Alessandro Cannamela 3287511429 alessandro.cannamela@gmail.com
Orlando Paris 3492593135    

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