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Welcome to the English language mirror page of


MASN italian session


A brief introduction


What is MASN?


MASN, the Moving Anthropology Student Network, was founded in 2005 to promote communication, networking and interaction among European ( but also other ) students of social and cultural anthropology ( i.e. ethnology ), and has since become the largest international exchange platform of its kind. Alongside virtual communication via the world wide web, several moving conferences in different european countries (as in Austria 2005 and Croatia 2006, as well as Poland in April 2007 and coming up, in Germany in November 2007 ) will bring us together in actual life. Already, around 1300 anthropologists and anthropology-students from over 80 different countries have become members of the MASN-community.

(from the home page of MASN http://www.movinganthropology.de)


Why MASN Italy?


The idea of promoting such an experience as the MASN also in Italy was born from our urge to liven up this discipline also in our country and also outside the institutional academic paths. The reason for this is that anthropology means as well social critique and is something everchanging, liquid. Besides the plurality of points of view, of voices and the sharing of ideas are a vital crux for our discipline - as for many others. And to ease this aim we created structures that can allow to share experiences and to dialogue, to emprove this field of work. Furthermore, the organization of the 2008 spring conference will help to develope, also through unconventional and not academic ways, an experience of sharing and exchanging on an international level, important to us and to the community. Moreover, this could be a chance for collective or individual experiences of field work.


What's in the site?


The site has been thought with an horizontal structure to allow and ease the exchange of informations and to build, besides the communication table for the italian network of MASN, also a sort of "encyclopaedia" of anthropology. Here are the contents of the site:


Home & FAQ

MASN Italiy: appointments

MASN Italy: conference












Last conference photos

Germany 2007!


Next conference program

Italy 2008!


Updated: ANTROpedia


How to join in MASN?


Besides this web page, the MASN homepage and the international MASN newsletter, there exists also an italian newsletter on yahoo! groups which is easily joinable for free to recive new and infos on events: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/masnitalia/


Why a wiki page?


The idea of creating a wiki page, easily modifiable, immediately seemed to us perfectly aligned with MASN basical principles: it helps the sharing of infos, respects the horizontal structure, opens to a wide and complete participation.



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